The volatility of an ever-changing global market and the need to respond to competitive pressures quickly requires that organizations have their key operational data available at the press of a button.

Availability of timely and meaningful information is as important, if not more so, than tangible assets and management capability. Our strength lies in providing scalable, reliable and need specific responsive solutions designed to enable companies to conduct Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer transactions. Our competency in Business solutions is based on its expertise in Oracle, VB and Java, the leading IT technologies. Combined with domain and functional expertise acquired from  diverse ERP and E-commerce projects.



We believe in the idea that “WE MUST DO WHAT THE LEADERS DO” with the following principles:
We have our own set of products for all major areas of the industry We have state of the art data
center to introduce ASP model for SAAS (Software as a Service).We focused on target market first
We do forecast and plan for the critical success factor  We have enough solutions to compete the market i.e. ERP and BI We have effective HR group to proof required resources timely We are focused to have international worth from the day one.

  •       Minimizing cost through
  • Innovative like SAAS Managing risks and maintaining quality through effective project management
  •       Large pool of dedicated and experienced professionals that leverages on combined
  • Experience and knowledge pool across business units and locations
  •          Being in the forefront of the
  • Technology by assimilation of skills and knowledge of oracle products by virtue of being an oracle solution provider
  •      Proven experience from successful implementation of business solutions, across industry sector
  •   Ensuring complete knowledge transfer to clients

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